Hello and welcome to my personal blog....I'm Jo!

I'm the girl behind Dreams & Sparkle. I live in the inner city of Sydney, Australia, and I'm living and loving the simple pleasures of what life has to offer surrounded by great friends and family.

I admit that I'm not a writer, so you'll probably find many spelling mistakes (lucky for spell check!) and grammatical errors; but I'm sure you'll still find it an enjoyable read of my journey and experiences. 

Why have I decided to blog? Well, many of my friends had encouraged me to begin a food blog but I'm not a critic of food; I just simply enjoyed eating out and trying new venues and spending quality time with friends and family. This is my social life!

Then one day, while walking home from work, in a city that I love, I decided to blog about the things I enjoy doing from food through to what Sydney (and beyond) has to offer and so Dreams & Sparkle was created!

Why Dreams & Sparkle? Simply because I'm a dreamer.....I'm constantly dreaming about all the pleasures in life and try to find ways to make them happen...and as for sparkles; we'll I'm a girl who just loves sparkles. 

Come and join me on my journey and connect with me. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and everything that inspires me and makes me happy. I would love to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions of places to see and things to do around Sydney and further afar.

Jo x

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